Family tours in Costa Rica

Family tours in Costa Rica will awaken the adventurous spirit and foster a family bond... in addition to spending one or several magnificent days. Among the best family tours is the Sky Walk in Arenal or Monteverde. Explore the hidden jungle while walking on the suspension bridges. Another great type of tour is national parks. Travel across the country through these incredible parks. One of the most...


Throwing garbage on the street

Although we live in the 21st century and see the damage we cause to the environment every day, we still have to teach people that they should not be throwing garbage on the street. Garbage is considered one of the biggest environmental problems in our society. The population and consumption per capita grow, and therefore the garbage; but the space is not, and also its treatment is not entirely...


Protective environment precautions in Costa Rica

Every day, the world is more aware and alert of the harmful effects we cause to the planet and the need to take some protective environment precautions in this regard, and not only in Costa Rica. The damage we are doing is more evident every day: The melting of the polesA hole in the ozone layer.The increasingly unusual climate.The extinction of species of flora and fauna. And so on. These and...


Guanacaste Costa Rica Map

When we talk about paradisiacal places in Costa Rica, it is mandatory to look towards the part of the map where Guanacaste appears. Being very close to Puntarenas, it is not very difficult to guess what would be one of the main characteristics of the province of Guanacaste: its beaches. But, of course, that is not the only thing that this beautiful paradise has to offer. Guanacaste has excellent...


Environmental awareness signage

Tourists arrive in Costa Rica from all over the world and, of course,  they speak different languages. That is why the use of signage, and especially environmental awareness signage, is so important. In this way, everyone will be able to understand what we want to report. Later, you will see how environmental awareness signage can work in two ways. On the one hand, it protects and guides you, and...


A family vacation in Costa Rica

If you travel to Costa Rica accompanied by your family, especially if you travel with small children or pre-adolescents, not all destinations and not all activities are recommended, especially for affinity and safety during vacation.  In consequence, we have made a list of the 10 best eco-tourism destinations in Costa Rica. Do you wanna do exciting things? We have: Descent of Class 3 and higher...


Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Separated from the mainland by the Tempisque estuary and the Gulf, this region is called home to many of Costa Rica's spectacular beaches; Santa Teresa, Malpaís, and Montezuma are charming places. However, before enjoying this paradise, you have to take a look at the more than 3000 vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, that are ideal for your trip. In the Nicoya Peninsula, beauty and...


Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one country famous for its exuberant nature among parks, volcanoes, and waterfalls, and for the happiness and hospitality of its inhabitants. This country too offers "postcard" beaches, not always known and frequented. But, everyone who has come to Costa Rica has his favorite beach. Some have views of the Caribbean Sea, of waters crystalline and rich in nuances, others of the Ocean Pacific,...


Tourism in Costa Rica

Tourism in Costa Rica is on the rise again. Although the number of tourists before the pandemic has not yet been reached, the numbers have been improving every year. It is expected that by the end of this year, he will fully recover. Above all, when we see the latest measures taken by the government to encourage the arrival of tourists to the country. One of the measures is to increase the number of...

Why invest in real estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent place for all those who wish to invest in real estate and, in turn, have a life with the quality to which every human being should aspire.

Currently, this country is considered a success story in terms of development thanks to the economic growth it has achieved in the last 25 years, where its foreign-oriented economy, together with the openness to foreign investment and its free commercialization, have placed said country to sustain itself with an upper middle income.

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