About Us

We are a team of local Costa Ricans and expats who are legal residents of this beautiful country, with more than 50 years of combined experience in property management and construction experience. Our primary values are honesty, integrity, accountability and we pride ourselves on using a strong work ethic for the benefit of our homeowner clients, all the while providing exemplary customer service to our guests from all over the world.

Pico Mar Property Management can assist you with a hassle-free experience for the various elements of management of your home, and will focus on creating a positive flow of income for you during times that you are not personally using your home.

Our team comes with diverse business backgrounds and from several continents, and the members of our team are fluent in English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese and we have all lived in the Costa Ballena area for over 10 years. Our knowledge of the area is vast due not only to our business backgrounds and focus in the area, but also to our personal experience and dedication to the recreational pursuits on offer here in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. From conservation efforts, to sustainable development, to recreational and exploratory trips throughout the country, we feel that we can provide unique business and market insights to you as the owner, and a myriad of recommendations and worthy local adventures for our guests from around the world.

We strive to create memorable experiences to last a lifetime for our guests, and provide an easy and headache-free passive income with your vacation home by creating great relationships and maintaining them with our database of tens of thousands of previous clients from all over the world.

Why Us?

Our commitment to you is to provide you with professional service in maintaining and managing your home, and we will strive to create positive income for you with your home. We will eliminate the stress and worries for you so that you can rest easy knowing that your investment in paradise is in good and very capable hands. We speak multiple languages and know the Southern Zone of Costa Rica very well. Our combined 50 years of experience with construction and property management of homes in the area has provided us with an A-Grade network of professionals. From gardeners and plumbers to cleaning staff, to technical support and international marketing, our team and extended network of professionals can provide you with complete peace of mind related to your home. From maintenance and home improvements, to landscaping, and marketing, booking, and accounting, our team can provide top-notch customer service to ensure that customers will want to come back to your beautiful home year after year.

We are grateful for the opportunity to manage each of our properties, and we embrace the chance to provide the best service to our customers from around the world. We realize that each of our vacation home rental customers can potentially provide dozens of additional customers, thanks to word of mouth and social media by sharing their positive experiences with Pico Mar and our beautiful area. In a small country like Costa Rica and especially in the Southern Zone, reputation is a very important factor to attract and keep clients and this is why we always strive to give impeccable customer service in every element of our business.