Rafael Speck

Rafa spent seven years of his childhood in Nicaragua, and the bond he had to Central America, its cultures and its flora and fauna was never broken. In 2006, Rafa moved from Switzerland to Costa Rica for the first time. His lifelong dream was to build a home with his own two hands, and in 2015 he made the decision to buy a plot of land in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. After three years of diligent effort, his beautiful personal home project in a high-end gated community was accomplished. From breaking ground to fitting the last cabinet it presented many challenges but was also a very educational and fulfilling experience.

Professionally, Rafa has a Masters in Education from the University of Applied Sciences of Solothurn, Switzerland, and was a former high school teacher there. He also has many years of experience managing and renting vacation homes and has a solid understanding and good manual dexterity as regards construction and maintenance of properties. Rafa speaks German (and Swiss German), English, Spanish and French fluently and he and his lovely wife, Daniela, have two wonderful children, and enjoy exploring the beaches and the surrounding nature with their children during their free time.