Why invest in real estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent place for all those who wish to invest in real estate and, in turn, have a life with the quality to which every human being should aspire.

Currently, this country is considered a success story in terms of development thanks to the economic growth it has achieved in the last 25 years, where its foreign-oriented economy, together with the openness to foreign investment and its free commercialization, have placed said country to sustain itself with an upper middle income.

But, what measures has Costa Rica taken to place itself where it is now?

Being a world leader is not easy at all; you must take harsh measures and have strategies that cover all the necessary areas for you to go from being an average Latin American country to an outstanding one.

In recent years, this Central American country has considered environmental policies and achievements in favor of creating its Green Mark, which promotes the conservation of forests and biodiversity, becoming the only nation that has restored deforestation and conservation of endemic species.

And what about poverty? Political stability and its economic growth have yielded promising results since, within Latin America, Costa Rica has been considered one of the lowest and most special poverty rates between 2010 and 2019, when the population with incomes below 5 5 dollars rose from 10 to 12%. In addition to having one of the highest literacy rates in Central America.

Now let us remember that every developing country considers health as its main ally. For this reason, Costa Rica has worked to maintain a solid health system, where its inhabitants have access to public health; however, it is worth mentioning that it has also been one of the countries that face significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where despite acquiring a timely response to the crisis, its economic system contracted 4.6% due to low investment and in private consumption.

Of course, this is not a reason not to consider investing in this country, since it is estimated that said GDP will grow 2.6% for the remainder of 2021 and an additional 3.3% for 2022 since it is projected that the fiscal consolidation in which it was working based on its new budgetary reforms, will be resumed in the remainder of this year and finalized for the next.

Today, thanks to the global vaccination system, Costa Rica hopes that tourism – one of its primary sources of income – will reestablish itself and allow the previous projections to be successful, mitigating two primary challenges: fiscal situation and inequality.

Therefore, it is necessary to mention that Costa Rican success is based on three fundamental basic pillars: inclusion, growth, and sustainability. Posts are needed to develop a nation that provides well-being, not only for its national inhabitants but also for all those foreigners who wish to be part of this great nation.

Once the general overview has been reviewed, it is time to mention the five most notable points to choose Costa Rica as your following country in which to invest.

5 reasons to invest in Costa Rica

Many countries have unique benefits to their residents and foreigners who want to live there. However, read our five reasons to choose Costa Rica as your next investment destination, and don’t think twice!

  1. Costa Rican infrastructure

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, has a critical communication infrastructure, maintaining proximity to the main ports and airports, making the entire country an outstanding export, import, and tourism zone.

Did you know that Costa Rica offers direct and high-frequency flights to various international destinations? But, you say, and that is remarkable? The answer is yes because a country that is ready with land and air routes opens an invitation to its nationals to travel freely and to its tourists that regardless of whether they arrive at its main airport (Juan Santamaria) or the Oduber Airport, they will have the ease of moving to the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste, Flamingo Beach, and Tamarindo.

Now, the city of Liberia has been significantly benefited by the Inter-American Highway, which runs from the United States to Chile, and of course, Costa Rica, with its modern and well-maintained highways, allows the facility to any national or foreigner to know about its beautiful landscapes.

  • Investment with commercial interests?

Yes, you read that correctly. Costa Rica is more than just a financial oportunity, as it offers its investors the possibility of obtaining commercial interests. This means this Central American country offers a great variety of investments, where the government and the business scene can work and grow together.

  • Dream holidays

Costa Rica is considered among the most diverse countries, you will discover new animals and plants every time you vacation making them unforgettable. Its combination of nature and multiple activities leaves everyone full of excitement and eanting to live here (yes, all tourists).  Purchasing a property in this country will allow you to have planned getaways in this tropical paradise. Now, you could also make a profit by renting it for short term vacations or annual contract rentals.

  • That being a foreigner is not a limitation

Residents and non-residents have the same opportunities when we talk about owning a property. Of course, the government exempts various nationalities from acquiring a visa to enter the country. If your country is on this list of exempt countries, you can purchase a 90-day permit for your stay, or you can apply at some point to obtain a residency.

  • Custom properties

Many real estate agencies, such as Pico Mar, have properties and villa rentals that improve the experience of any resident or tourist who wants to live differently and uniquely. Here you can find houses of different models and prices that will surely adapt to your needs. Do not postpone that investment that you could make from today. Take the opportunity and live the life of your dreams.

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