Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Separated from the mainland by the Tempisque estuary and the Gulf, this region is called home to many of Costa Rica’s spectacular beaches; Santa Teresa, Malpaís, and Montezuma are charming places. However, before enjoying this paradise, you have to take a look at the more than 3000 vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, that are ideal for your trip.

In the Nicoya Peninsula, beauty and happiness will always remain together with lots of fun on the beach, swimming, surfing, diving, and much more. This region has its own culture. There is a distinctive touch to this place. You have to travel through the small rural towns, their cowboys with their herds.

In addition, the Nicoya Peninsula also has some of the best beach hotels and vacation rentals in Costa Rica.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with friends, family, or even with pets, the holiday homes have services such as a swimming pool or Wi-Fi, internet, personal chef, and so on, that you can enjoy with whomever you want. Prices are very varied and there are very popular options to stay in the Nicoya Peninsula, such as villas or houses. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.


Among the most select vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, are the villas. You can find beautiful and huge luxury villas, some of them just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Others are right next to the sand of the sea.

All villas are fully equipped and furnished, both inside the house and in the pool area and surroundings.

The villas are capable of accommodating between 2 and 24 people each night. So, all you have to do is check which is the villa that best suits your needs.

Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula: close to the beach

Vacation rentals near the beach in the Nicoya Peninsula, as in all of Costa Rica, are in high demand. The most notable feature of the Nicoya Peninsula is the beaches. The vast expanse of its coastline features countless magnificent beaches with spectacular coastal scenery and small towns, each with its own charm.

Houses, villas, apartments, and hotels near the beach have the characteristic that they are inserted into nature without modifying it more than is just necessary. For that reason, it’s possible to have the view and witness the great shows that take place on the coast of Nicoya.

Water sports such as surfing, fishing, and diving form a large part of the life of the towns. Most of the tourist areas have been discovered by surfers, as the Pacific coast of Costa Rica features some of the best surfing areas in the world.

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Surfers find a little paradise here, but also those who want to watch birds and, above all, turtles. At the northern end of the bay is Playa Grande. Leatherback turtles arrive in large numbers between October and April at the beach of Las Baulas National Marine Park, just south of Tamarindo and Playa Langosta.

For example, the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge protects an estuary with mangroves in which birds abound. Further south, Avellanas, Negra and Junquillal beaches are some favorites of surfers. And even further south, Tambor and Montezuma are beautiful white sand beaches. National parks and nature reserves are never far away.

And in all these places and parks, there will always be some other rental variant that suits your needs.


Of course, among the vacation rentals in Costa Rica and specifically, in the Nicoya Peninsula, apartments are also offered.

Not all clients have the need and can afford to rent a house, suit or a villa. For those traveling alone or with their partner and children, an apartment works wonderfully. As in the rentals of houses and villas, these apartments are also located at the foot of the beach or just a few minutes from it. In addition, the vast majority have swimming pools nearby; especially when it comes to condominiums.

Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula: rural houses

It is clear that vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, in Costa Rica, are not located exclusively on the beaches. There are magnificent rents in the interior. The Nicoya Peninsula is divided between the provinces of Guanacaste, which occupies most of it in the north, and Puntarenas in the south.

There is only one road along the Gulf of Nicoya, which connects the two provinces and can be used throughout the year. In the south, most of the roads are unpaved and potholes abound. But this is not a bad thing as it forces you to slow down, so sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Inside you can find large villas, condominiums, and spacious rental houses.

Vacation Rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula: Hotels

The vast majority of accommodation in the Nicoya Peninsula is found on the beaches, where there are numerous hotels of all categories and styles. Different luxury grand resort-style hotels operate on the all-inclusive concept. Hotel chains such as Barceló and Occidental have opted for the coasts and beaches of the peninsula.

The hotels are a recommended establishment for both couples and families looking for a quiet vacation and enjoying the comfort of an all-inclusive. Also, for lovers of water sports and exploration of nature due to the many attractions and possibilities in the surroundings.

There is an incredible variety of vacation rentals on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, especially hotels. Whether looking for an all-inclusive resort that offers a wide range of activities and excursions; or a small hotel with distinctive charm.

Costa Rica beach hotels on the Nicoya Peninsula offer a magical blend of natural beauty, spa, peace, and serenity in the most wonderful setting one could wish for, along with first-class customer service and luxury.

Arriving here is like arriving in paradise.

Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: small establishments

Of course, these are not the only vacation rental offers in the Nicoya Peninsula, in Costa Rica. There are hundreds of other small establishments both on the beach and inland. Some range from small apartments to luxurious sets of cabins and villas. Some of these accommodations even have incredible suites.

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