Playa Grande Costa Rica – A Chilled-Out Beach Town


If you’re looking for a chilled-out beach town in Costa Rica, Playa Grande is the place. It is located a short distance north of Tamarindo, yet it feels miles away from the crowds and the gringo prices.

It’s known for its excellent surf and a protected turtle nesting site. The famous leatherback turtles come ashore during the months of October to May for hatching and egg-laying.


Located in Guanacaste, Playa Grande is a long stretch of pristine white sandy beaches. It is famous for its surfing opportunities and nesting site for leatherback turtles.

It forms part of Las Baulas de Guanacaste Marine National Park and is a great place to see the endangered East Pacific leatherback sea turtles during their nesting season between October and May. The beach is also surrounded by a mangrove estuary that is a Ramsar Site and offers many different bird species, including crocodiles!

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Playa Grande is a quieter, less developed beach than neighboring Tamarindo. Its secluded feel makes it an excellent spot for a romantic getaway. You can spend your days relaxing on the sand or enjoying one of the many beachside restaurants and bars.


Playa Grande offers a variety of restaurants, ranging from family-run sodas to upscale dining. You’ll find typical Costa Rican cuisine, as well as international fusion cuisine at Playa Grande Park Hotel Restaurant.

The beach town is a little removed from the hustle and bustle of Tamarindo, keeping it in a more natural state. It’s also home to the Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, a protected area that protects nesting leatherback sea turtles.

You’ll also want to take time to explore some of the national parks in Guanacaste, including Tortuga Island and Las Pajas National Park. The best time to visit Playa Grande is between December and May when the beach is at its most beautiful.


The beach town of Playa Grande has a relaxed and mellow vibe. It attracts yogis, surfers, families and nature lovers. At sunrise and sunset, the sounds of howler monkeys, parrots, blackbirds, and magpie jays are a soothing soundtrack to your day.

Compared to Tamarindo, this small beach community is much less crowded. There are a few restaurants, two surf shops, and little clusters of homes.

There are also some bars that offer happy hour specials and fun nightlife events. One of the more popular ones is the Crazy Monkey Bar, which hosts live music & fashion shows on Fridays.

For those who want to shake things up a bit, the nearby beach town of Tamarindo is just a short drive away. Here, you can enjoy a variety of activities like river boat safaris, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and more.


Playa Grande is a small town with a big heart, a place where everyone knows your name and will look out for you. This is a great community for families and surfers who are looking for a simpler life.

The town is quiet in the daytime, but it gets busy at sunset. If you want a little bit more shopping and nightlife, there is a water taxi that will take you to Tamarindo for a dollar.

The area also has many great restaurants and cafes. You will find healthy and traditional Costa Rican foods as well as some extraordinary pizza spots.

Playa Grande Guanacaste Province Costa Rica

Guanacaste province costa rica is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists from around the world. It is known for its pristine beaches, beautiful natural scenery, luxury and all-inclusive resorts, adventure options, cultural events, shopping centers, real estate properties and many more.

Playa Grande guanacaste province is a beach town located in the northwest of Costa Rica. It is part of Marino Las Baulas National Park and is known for being home to a large population of the leatherback sea turtle.

During the peak of the turtle season (November to May) you will have the chance to see this fascinating and endangered species as they make their way onto the beach to lay their eggs. This makes for a truly unforgettable experience and one of the top reasons to visit Playa Grande!

Surfing in Costa Rica

The waves that break on Playa Grande are moderate to high, ensuring that they will be suitable for all levels of surfers. Low tides are the ideal time for beginners, while high tides offer more challenge to intermediate and advanced surfers.

Walking on the Beach

Playa Grande is a great place for long walks on the beach. The pristine white sandy beaches are surrounded by a luscious mangrove estuary, making it the perfect location to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

It is recommended to avoid the rainy or wet season as it can be difficult to enjoy the beach during this period. In addition, it is also important to avoid visiting during the middle of the dry season, as this will cause overcrowded conditions and exorbitant prices.

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