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After a hectic work life, after months of confinement, months of social distancing, and the stress of work, home, bills, and more, what we all need is a mountain retreat.

Being in a retreat located in a lush Costa Rican forest, nestled in the tops of the mountains, is an unforgettable experience. In addition, these retreats have hotels and properties where you can stay. These facilities offer guests truly unique experiences filled with natural wonders, elegance, and warm, friendly service, all within an unprecedented sensitivity to environmental conservation.

The hotels and rental properties’ commitment to the environment and the local community is unwavering.

Updates are made every year aimed at presenting an even better service. Guests can expect a variety of new and exciting room styles, features, and amenities designed to deliver comfort, quality, and unique, unforgettable experiences.

However, this is not all that mountain retreats in Costa Rica have to offer.

The mountain retreat is invigorating thanks to the relaxation provided by the tranquility, the spas, meditation, and yoga, among many other offers of these beautiful places.

These mountain retreats strike a perfect balance between modern luxury and local surroundings.

What can a mountain retreat offer?

  • Food: In all mountain retreats, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are guaranteed for all tastes. Each one can have its differences and similarities, but healthy, ecological and wholesome food is guaranteed together with the exquisite local flavor.
  • Lodging: Your stay can be in a single room or a shared room in hotels, or other types of rented properties. The offers are very varied and for all budgets.
  • Yoga sessions. Yoga practices are focused on Hatha Yoga for all levels. No previous experience is required.
  • Mindfulness meditation. Full consciousness; They include conscious walks in the mountain around the retreat, where you can learn and practice various Mindfulness techniques, and connect with yourself and with nature.
  • Kirtan sessions.
  • Sonotherapy. Enjoy vibration therapy through various instruments, which will allow you to feel renewed and balanced.
  • It is a very valuable tool for those who want to start a process of change, get out of normal life and open a door to a world of new possibilities.
  • In a retreat you meet people who have well-being intentions, this can result in a beneficial experience because the well-being will is also strengthened in you.
  • In a retreat, you give yourself a space for inspiring thoughts to come to you that help you resolve issues of daily life in a different way.
  • You will be in a beautiful place where you can enjoy delicious and nutritious, balanced meals while cultivating a deeper connection with nature.
  • Perhaps you will lose your fear of loneliness and realize its benefits.
  • Support is offered if you need to go away to follow a special diet, or to comply with a medical recommendation.

When is it that you need a retreat, whether in the mountain or elsewhere?

The retreat in the mountains is ideal when you want to be in complete tranquility. Also, when you must disconnect from occupations external and the routines of your lifetime daily to focus on those objectives, what really motivates you.

If you have a project that involves your attention, and concentration in the retreat, you will be able to have a complete connection with it. Similarly, if you are determined to finish some homework pending, what be more to you easily carry out away from your day-to-day life and distractions, the mountain retreat is the ideal place.

Of course, if you want to rest, break the routine, de-stress, heal your soul, and recover positive energy, the retreat will also always be the best answer.

And, perhaps the most important reason: get back in touch with nature. Learn to respect and love her.

Get back in touch with nature

Getting back in touch with nature in a mountain retreat is very important for our well-being. Scientists have found that lack of contact with the earth affects our health.

The following is a summary of the benefits of contact with the earth, excerpted especially from the documentary Earthing, published on YouTube, based on the investigative work of Clint Ober; related to the effects of direct contact of the body with the earth, even only through the feet.

Simply walking barefoot brings great benefits to people’s health.

Studies say that, although we may not realize it, the human body is highly conductive, that we are made of minerals and our tissues retain liquid, so we are like a conductive battery. When we expose the body to the earth, its electrons neutralize the positive charges that accumulate in the body and this generates, among others, the following health benefits

Health benefits

  • Helps neutralize the effects of exposure to radiation from electronic equipment, cell phones, and Wi-Fi computers.
  • It calms the nervous system and reduces stress.
  • Reduces morning stiffness and improves sleep quality.
  • Tensions are reduced, inflammation decreases and pain is relieved.

In a mountain retreat, you will experience for yourself the enormous benefits of being in contact with nature. In these times, when we spend a lot of time surrounded by electronic equipment; when the city is polluted, it is very easy to feel emotionally overwhelmed.

We know that we are emotionally charged, when we have trouble sleeping, when we sleep and feel like we are not getting enough rest, when we are irritable, overly stressed, or when we start to get sick.

There are already many studies that recommend going back to living off natural resources to recover our well-being.

  • Breathe the fresh air, to reduce the levels of free radicals
  • Sunbathing moderately helps fix minerals in the body.
  • Eat as organic as possible so as not to affect health with pesticides.
  • Drink water from the most natural sources possible.

And finally, contact with nature stimulates such beautiful feelings that it is well worth taking them with us to cultivate them in our day-to-day life, and it is a way of helping our health and well-being that can be very pleasant and that is not very expensive.

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