Magical Monte Verde

In this article I want to show you a marvelous place called: Monte Verde (meaning green mountain), is the it is the quetzal’s habitat if you don’t know quetzal is a beautiful bird of heaven that lives in Costa Rica. Monte Verde has landmarks for bird watching and famous cloud forests.

 The city is now one of the centers of tourism in the country. the beautiful cloud forest has some delicious restaurants here as famous extension lines, and some interesting hiking evenings by Monte Verde torch are one of the favorite places in Costa Rica. 

it is a peaceful city to visit the surround rainforest. you can also walk on the famous skywalk, and if you’re at the right time, you’ll find a music festival that will make you unforgettable and don’t forget to sample your coffee and your best smile.

Now, let me tell you some useful tips you should know before traveling; like tips to save money, planning time, travel and travel budget money, as well as recommended places to make it easy to plan your trip.

Well, now let’s get down to the bussiness and talk about general expenses in Monte Verde.

If you want to stay in a hostel you should know the price range Hostels vary in price, but they typically range from around 5,7500 crc per night for dorm beds and 15,000 crc for single rooms including bathroom and breakfast.

Hotel and Restaurants 

You can also choose budget hotel these kind of hotels start at 10,700 crc per night for double rooms with breakfast.

Another important thing you should consider is about the average cost of food meals in restaurant “sodas” typically cost 1,600 crc for local dishes.

 the main course in most restaurants, budgeted, costs about 5,335 crc, a popular tourist restaurant, costing about 10,665 crc per meal.

When you arrive at Monte Verde you’ll find a good array of restaurants, with a lot of varieties and taste. And please don’t forget visit The Treehouse Restaurant you’re really going to love it here! 

A major part of traveling is getting from place to place.  Transportation costs in Monte Verde in commonly by bus. A bus trip from San Jose will cost 2,665 crc, local buses cost 1,065 crc with cloud forests from Santa Elena.

You can also travel by taxis from Santa Elena to forest cloud reserves typically cost 4,800 crc.

Useful tips for saving money

If you are a student this place has some important discounts most of the country at tourist attractions offer discounted students if you show them student identification when paying.

If you love to camp you can record accommodation by throwing tents at La Colima lodge for only 2,665 crc per night.

Using public buses from San Jose cost only 2,665 crc – this offers great savings on the cost of private shuttle buses, which cost 21,330 crc.

There are many places and things not to miss in Monte Verde cloud forest – cloud forest is the most popular tourist attraction in Monte Verde and the main reason people come here to visit. 

Remember you don’t need to pay to watch the world’s largest collection of orchids, thousands of large wild cats, species of plants and insects, as well as more than 400 species of birds, including the famous Quetzal. 

One of the most popular ways to see the forest is to walk across a series of suspension bridges through roofs or zip wires around skywalk and trek. Yes, I am talking about Canopy Tour, this tour is amazing. 

While few entrepreneurs do the same thing, it is now the most prestigious company.

Do you know Monte Verde has Music Festivals?  this festival takes place in January and February every year. around 5,335 crc approx., you will get a classical jazz and Latin music experience at the bromelias music park and Monte Verde institute.

Connecting with nature

Cloud forests are good places to go hiking, but for a less crowded travel period heading to nearby Santa Elena reserves, there are more than 8 miles of existing routes with different difficulties. trekking is recommended, both reserves will get the most out of it.

As I said before the city is a bird paradise, although there are more than 400 species in the area where most tourists crave the aim of glorious quetzal, dense cloudy forests, conditions and damp, so you are going to enjoy about wildlife viewing 

 it can make it harder to spot small breastfeeding fleeing about, but outside the woods you might see or maybe hear howler monkeys and squirrels.

Don’t miss coffee & sugar tour travel offers several options for those looking for a glimpse into the practice and process of brewing coffee and harvesting sugarcane in the region, with el trapiche tours among the best. 

When you back at the farmhouse, you can see how the raw materials will already open into a variety of final products such as liquor, sugarcane, raw sugar and roasted coffee.

Monte Verde also offers you some exciting activities such as Monte Verde snakes where tourist can watch more than 40 species (including vipers and non-venomous frogs, poisonous frogs, toddrons, lizards and turtles). 

Now, It’s the butterflies’ turn in Monte Verde you can visit Butterfly garden is located between Santa Elena and cloud forest as the Monte Verde butterfly garden consists of four separate butterfly gardens, gardens

Butterfly garden also offers an interesting discovery of medicinal plants and leaf cuts, the ant colony has quite a lot to see for an entry fee of 4,800 crc.

Working experience in the rainforest at night while most people just visit the rainforest by day, just a night’s walk gives you the opportunity to see some of the countless nocturnal animals (everything from tarantoo coatis will stick to bugs) 

Find your best camera it’ll be worth absolutely! If you decide to visit de the bat forest Are you afraid of bats? it doesn’t have to be! wild bats in Monte Verde have a look that provides information on the earth and the behavior of these nocturnal creatures in a rainforest-controlled environment. 

One of the neatest features is a sonar microphone that allows visitors to listen live to bats using echolocation.

Do you love Eating cheese?  the Monte Verde cheese factory gives visitors some background in British influence in the area and the production of dairy products. be sure to sample some of the ice cream at the end!

And Finally don’t miss swimming at San Luis falls:  this is a three-hour hike through the rainforest to get 330 feet of falls, but you can still arrange a horseback ride. What else can you ask for?

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