Costa Rica: Retiree’s Paradise

Costa Rica: Retiree's Paradisev

Thinking about how we will live in our future would have to be a question that all human beings should ask ourselves, not to stop living in the present, but because our actions today will determine how we will live when we are old or simply are retired.

But what should we consider so that we can live that moment in the best way? Yes, we know that it is a pretty subjective question but very decisive in the answer that each human being could give it since it depends on tastes, priorities, and the economic stability that we create throughout our lives to provide the most accurate answer possible.

However, according to the Global Retirement Index 2021, Costa Rica ranked first as a destination for retirees thanks to its climatic conditions, environment, socioeconomic status, hospitality, security, access to health, social and political stability, and well as its closeness to nature.

The surprising thing and reason enough to consider is the publication made by International, which points out that for the first year, Costa Rica has surpassed countries such as Portugal and Panama, with whom it was always placed in third place and other promising competitors for foreign retirement such as Mexico and Colombia.

Considerations of a country for retirees

Of course, there are a certain number of variables to consider for a country to be considered good to live in retirement, for this reason there is a score of 10 categories of which are included:


The climate is one of the variables that retirees value the most since it is not the same to live in a cold or variable environment as in a tropical one. Various migration studies indicate that retirees seeking to stay in another country consider a warm or humid climate, even a tropical one, to forget cold temperatures. In addition to considering living near a lake, river, or sea that gives them tranquility, self-realization, and security; In other words, they are very inclined to the idea of ​​”living a permanent vacation.”


It is constantly sought to live in a country with a government system that complies with the four fundamental principles: responsibility, transparency, the rule of law, and participation; because this broad concept will ensure both the quality of life, as well as the measures and regulations to be followed, as well as the opportunities in which the new inhabitant is involved.

Of course, no person will want to go to a country with a system of government that does not match their ideals, whether you are extremist or authoritarian.

Opportunity for entrepreneurship and new projects

They say that retirement is the new adolescence, that stage where you want to venture into new projects and start independence where tranquility and self-realization top the list.

For this reason, many retirees look for a place that offers them opportunities to live with a certain status, have access to a job, or start a personal venture, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and creating some homemade products, etc.

Access to health

This fundamental principle of every human being should top the list. In addition to being a right, every individual should seek health and safeguard life regardless of where in the world they are.

Likewise, every retired person seeks to settle in a place that guarantees health, either for constant medical check-ups or for any emergency that may arise.

Healthy lifestyle

Few retirees are looking for an atmosphere of party and self-destruction (haha) in reality; most are inclined to settle in a place that allows the development of behaviors and attitudes to maintain the mind and body in an acceptable way, where the mental health, nutrition, access to physical activity, health prevention, work, relationship with the environment and social action.


Many comments that entertainment and access to leisure activities are the most considered variables among retirees. While many seek rest and perpetual tranquility, others seek to carry out activities that they could not perform during adolescence or adulthood.

This does not mean the search for extreme activities; instead, satisfaction, fun, and exploration of new places are sought.

Benefits and discounts

This exciting variable is considered by retirees seeking support for the elderly,  financial aid, housing support, asylum, and social security.

Visas and residency

Not all seek eternal tourists; many aspire to various types of visas or residences, where they can come and go from their country of origin without jeopardizing their freedom of transit, in addition to many others seeking to know the world without matter your age.

Property purchase cost

If you still have doubts as to why Costa Rica has positioned itself as the number 1 country for retirees, at this point, you will be able to find the answer.

The cost of buying properties is one of the values ​​that are considered yes or yes; the purchasing power of a property will determine the level of investment and the ROI for the purchase acquired. This means that regardless of whether you live there or not, the equity in your property will be higher, even if you only rent it for vacations or indefinite-term contracts.

Without a doubt, if you are looking to buy or rent your next house or villa, with Pico Mar Property Management, you will find the ideal place for your next days.

Hospitality and ease of adaptation to the local culture

If Latin America is characterized in something, it is for its hospitality and warmth; many foreigners feel pampered by their premises, which facilitates adaptation and love for the culture of their new accommodation.

Cost of living

It is essential to mention that the cost of living in any country is calculated by taking the price of necessary goods and services vs. income and budget.

This variable is essential to determine your subsequent establishment during the retreat. And to give you an idea, the summary of the cost of living in Costa Rica estimated in Costa Rican colón equivalent to 0.0016 dollars, is as follows:

  • Estimated monthly fees for a family of 4: ₡ 1,579,012 

Estimated monthly fees for a single person: ₡ 712,948

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