Playa Grande Costa Rica – A Chilled-Out Beach Town

If you're looking for a chilled-out beach town in Costa Rica, Playa Grande is the place. It is located a short distance north of Tamarindo, yet it feels miles away from the crowds and the gringo prices. It's known for its excellent surf and a protected turtle nesting site. The famous leatherback turtles come ashore during the months of October to May for hatching and...


Costa Rica Flag – A Symbol of the Country’s Rich History and Values

The Costa Rica flag is more than a simple design; it’s a symbol of the country’s rich history and values. costa rican flag The blue stripes on the flag represent Costa Rica’s sky and perseverance to reach their goals, while the red stripes are a reminder of Costa Rica’s bloodshed for independence. And the white stripes are a tribute to Costa Rica’s wisdom, peace, and...


Things to Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a magical destination with an endless array of things to do. From adventure sports to stunning rainforests and beautiful beaches, there's something for everyone! The best way to experience the country is with a tour. A local guide will help you plan your trip and show you the most exciting and memorable parts of the country. Most people don't think of San Jose when they...


Vacation Rentals Uvita Costa Rica

Why travel to Uvita? Uvita de Osa is one of the small towns that you will find near the coast in Costa Rica, it is one of the best-known sections as Costa Ballena of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the best places in the country for surfing, here you will find many places to rent surfboards and where they can teach you this great sport. It has been considered one of the most important places for the...


Vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Separated from the mainland by the Tempisque estuary and the Gulf, this region is called home to many of Costa Rica's spectacular beaches; Santa Teresa, Malpaís, and Montezuma are charming places. However, before enjoying this paradise, you have to take a look at the more than 3000 vacation rentals in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, that are ideal for your trip. In the Nicoya Peninsula, beauty and...


vacaciones en costa rica

This small country will captivate you and make you fall in love during your Costa Rican vacation. It's a great place to take the kids. Here you can discover the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Nestled in the heart of Central America, bathed by two oceans, it has a privileged climate. Costa Rica is that dream destination that will allow you to enjoy indelible images and emotions during your vacations....

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