Térraba-Sierpe Mangrove Tour

From the Sierpe River you can meander on a boat through the largest mangrove system of Central America: the Terraba-Sierpe mangroves.

During the tour you will take a boat or a catamaran through the channels of these mangroves, where you can observe many species of birds such as ospreys, scarlet macaws, etc., also you may have the chance to see the 4 species of monkeys that we have in the country: howlers, white-faced capuchins, squirrel and spider monkeys- in one place! And of course you are likely to see crocodiles and caimans that inhabit this area.

Tour length: 3 hours on the  Sierpe River  and 4 hours on the Terraba River.

Includes: Boat, drinks, captain, guide, insurance.

Departure time: From Sierpe it departs almost every hour and from Terraba depends on the high tide.

Place of departure: Ballena Infocenter’s Office (Uvita Beach) or from Sierpe at Kokopelli or at Don Jorge’s Perla del Sur.

What should you bring? Sandals, comfortable clothes, sunscreen, camera, binoculars (if you desire) and a plastic bag to keep electronic items dry if necessary.

Observations: Minimum 4 persons required for making the tour at the Terraba River and in Sierpe has a minimum of 2 persons.

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