Horseback riding at Rancho La Merced

Experienced and inexperienced riders alike will enjoy the ride in Rancho La Merced. The horses are carefully trained for you to have a pleasant experience, as you go through the refuge amidst the forest, on the beach or in the river.

You may visit Playa Hermosa, next to Ballena Marine National Park, ride in the woods or toward the waterfall and take a dip, or enjoy an astonishing sunset from the beach on horseback! Several points of interest can be found here, such as Rancho La Merced’s environmentally sustainable livestock operation, lots of nature immersion, and even just the pleasure of riding a horse through such a beautiful environment.

Tour length: 3 hours approximately

Includes: Equipment, guide

Departure time: Depends on the tide for Hermosa Beach and for the Sunset Tour, to the waterfall depends on the group.

Place of departure: Rancho La Merced reception, on km 159 of Costanera Sur just North of Uvita

What should you bring? Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes (long pants are recommended), hat, bathing suit, sunscreen, insect repeller, camera, binoculars (if you desire) and a plastic bag to keep electronic items dry if necessary.

Observations: The tour operates with a minimum of 2 persons. They also have saddles for children from 7 years and older.

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