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Matt Hogan

A native Marylander, Matt (“Mateo”) received a B.A. in Business
Administration with an emphasis on Hotel and Resort
Management from the University of Maryland and Western State
Colorado University. After working as Director of Economic
Development for the government of the State of Maryland, Mateo
moved to Costa Rica in 2006 and fell in love with the Southern
Zone. After finding a rainforest mountain slated for a timber
harvest, he decided that it deserved a better fate and co-founded
Finca Bellavista, a 600-acre treehouse resort community, to
conserve the rainforest. Finca Bellavista is known as the world’s
first master-planned sustainable treehouse community, where
Mateo and his team currently manage 15 vacation rental homes
for property owners and host several thousand visitors per year.
This project has been flourishing for 14 years in Costa Rica’s
Southern Zone and has been creating a positive economic impact
for the communities in the surrounding area as well as sharing
the wonders of the rainforest with visitors from all over the world.
With an eye towards responsible development and environmental
stewardship, Mateo guides his clients with a keen sense of best
practices for marketing and managing properties, and his passion
for the lifestyle and opportunity that this part of the country
represents. Mateo is fluent in English and Spanish and brings a
wealth of valuable knowledge to the table, and also has over two
decades worth of construction experience, and a hospitality
background. Given his broad base of experience in Costa Rica, he
is happy to share his experience and knowledge with his friends
and clients here in the magical Southern Zone.
In addition to his advisory role with Pico Mar, Mateo is the lead
agent for 2Costa Rica Real Estate in the Southern Zone and lives
in the Uvita area with his Costa Rican wife, Gabriela, and their
young son, Liam, and they embrace all of the natural and cultural
wonders of raising a child in this amazing environment

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